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Thank you for choosing to complete a survey that will help determine your readiness for an online course. These questions are designed to help you understand if an online course is right for you at this time. To ensure that you receive the most valid score, please answer all questions honestly. Once again, this survey is designed to help you!

I am able to focus on a given assignment or task without much distraction.

I am able to regularly complete the required reading.

I am able to easily read the required material and follow written instructions.

I like to write and I have confidence in my ability to write.

I have access to a reliable computer.

I will be using a high-speed cable modem or DSL (broadband connection) for Internet (versus dial-up or Wi-Fi).

I am confident in my word processing skills.

I am able to easily use the Internet (Web browsers, navigating websites, search engines).

I use clearly named folders and sub-folders when saving documents.

How often do you check your email?

How much work do you think an online course will be compared to a regular course?

 How many hours are available during the week to spend on an online course?

I am able to meet almost all deadlines for course assignments.

I value face-to-face communication.

I actively participate in class discussions.

I feel comfortable analyzing material, forming my own opinions, and then sharing my opinions with the class.

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